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HAI-Ethics in Society (HAI-EIS) Postdoctoral Fellowship

HAI-EIS Fellows will be co-hosted by the Center for Ethics in Society and the HAI Institute, undertaking normative scholarship at the intersection of ethics, policy, and artificial intelligence, in furtherance of the HAI's mission to understand and guide the development of AI to benefit humanity. Two fellows will be appointed for a term of two years, beginning in the 2019 academic year.

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AI Engineering Fellowship

The Stanford Human-centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) initiative will appoint its inaugural class of AI Engineering Fellows beginning in 2019 for terms of six to 18 months. Fellows should have established backgrounds in software engineering, machine learning, and AI, and will have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge research that incorporates the versatility, nuance, and depth of human intellect and that enhances humans and benefits human institutions.

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Program Manager - AI Index

The AI Index is looking for a Program Manager to develop the annual AI Index Report, lead Stanford’s efforts in aggregating Artificial Intelligence data, making data accessible, and driving the conversation about rigorously measuring activity and progress in AI in the future. The AI Index is an initiative to track, collate, distill, and visualize data relating to artificial intelligence. It aspires to be a comprehensive resource of data and analysis for policymakers, researchers, executives, journalists and others to rapidly develop intuitions about the complex field of AI.

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