Welcome to Stanford’s Human-Centered AI Initiative

Letter from the Directors

Welcome to Stanford’s Human-Centered AI (HAI) Initiative! HAI is a university-wide effort to organize and enhance Stanford’s vibrant intellectual resources around an institute dedicated to the future of AI. It will provide a shared space for research across disciplines, foster a global dialogue among academia, industry, government, and civil society, and encourage responsible leadership in the development of AI.

It is based on three simple, but powerful, ideas:

1. For AI to better serve society, it must incorporate more of the versatility, nuance, and depth of the human intellect.

2. The development of AI must be coupled with the ongoing study of its social and ethical implications and guided accordingly.

3. The ultimate purpose of AI must be enhancing our humanity, not diminishing or replacing it.

Achieving these goals will be among the greatest challenges of our time. Each will present complex technical problems and provoke dialogues between engineers, social scientists, and humanists, among others. But it will also be an incredible opportunity to share ideas and challenge one another, while working together to build a future worth wanting.

- Fei-Fei Li and John Etchemendy

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