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2018 Seed Grant Recipients

The Seed Research Grants are designed to support new, ambitious, and speculative ideas with the objective of getting initial results.

Adversarial Examples for Humans

Gregory Valiant, Noah Goodman

Automated Moderation of Small Group Deliberation

Ashish Goel, James Fishkin

“Always On” Genetic Patient Diagnosis

Gill Bejerano,  Jon Bernstein

Correcting Gender and Ethnic Biases in AI Algorithms

James Zou, Londa Schiebinger, Serena Yeung, Carlos Bustamante

Dynamic Artificial Intelligence-Therapy for Autism on Google Glass

Dennis Wall, Tom Robinson, Terry Winograd

Enabling Natural-Language Interactions in Educational Software

Alex Kolchinski, Sherry Ruan, Dan Schwartz, Emma Brunskill

Fast, Multiphase Human-in-the-loop Optimization of Exoskeleton Assistance

Steven Collins, Emma Brunskill

Free Exploration in Human-Centered AI Systems

Mohsen Bayati, Ramesh Johari

Gender Bias in Conversations with Chatbots

Katie Roehrick, Jeff Hancock, Byron Reeves, Londa Schiebinger, James Zou, Garrick Fernandez, Debnil Sur

Harnessing AI to Answer Questions about Diversity and Creativity

Dan McFarland, Londa Schiebinger, James Zou

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Perceptions of Humanhood

Benoît Monin, Erik Santoro

The Impact on Society of Autonomous Mobile Robots: A Pilot Study

Marco Pavone, Mark Duggan, David Grusky

Improving Refugee Integration Through Data-Driven Algorithmic Assignment

Jens Hainmueller, Kirk Bansak, Andrea Dillon, Jeremy Ferwerda, Dominik Hangartner, Duncan Lawrence, Jeremy Weinstein

Learning Behavior Change Interventions At Scale

Michael Bernstein, James Landay

Learning Decision Rules with Complex, Observational Data

Xinkun Nie, Stefan Wager

Learning Haptic Feedback for Motion Guidance

Julie Walker, Andrea Zanette, Mykel Kochenderfer, Allison Okamura

Mining the Downstream Effects of Artificial Intelligence on How Clinicians Make Decisions

Ron Li, Jason Ku Wang, Lance Downing, Lisa Shieh, Christopher Sharp, Jonathan Chen

New Moral Economy in an Age of Artificial Intelligence

Margaret Levi, Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, Roberta Katz, John Markoff, Jane Shaw

Novel Approach to Map Seasonal Changes in Infection Risk for Schistosomiasis: a Multi-Scale Integration of Satellite Data and Drone Imagery by Using Artificial Intelligence

Giulio De Leo, Susanne Sokolow, Eric Lambin, Zac YC Liu, Chris Re, I. Jones, R. Grewelle, A. Ratner, A. Lund

Planning for Multi-Modal Human-Robot Communication

Yuhang Che, Cara Nunez, Allison Okamura, Dorsa Sadigh

Scaling Collection of Labeled Data for Creating AI Systems through Observational Learning

Daniel Rubin, Chris Re, Jared Dunnmon, Alex Ratner, Darvin Yi

Smart Learning Healthcare System for Human Behavior Change

Michelle Guo, Fei-Fei Li, Arnold Milstein

Using AI to Facilitate Citizen Participation in Democratic Policy Deliberations

Deger Turan, Frank Fukuyama, Jerry Kaplan, Larry Diamond, Eileen Donahoe, Chris Potts

Using Computer Vision to Measure Neighborhood Variables Affecting Health

Jackelyn Huang, Nikhil Naik


Using Deep Learning for Imaging Alzheimer’s Disease with Simultaneous Ultra-low-dose PET/MRI

Greg Zaharchuck, Bill Dally, John Pauly, Elizabeth Mormino