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The 2018 AI Index report is here!

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AI Index 2018

Our Mission

Ground the conversation about AI in data.

The AI Index is an effort to track, collate, distill and visualize data relating to artificial intelligence.

It aspires to be a comprehensive resource of data and analysis for policymakers, researchers, executives, journalists and the general public to develop intuitions about the complex field of AI.

The AI Index Report

The AI Index is a starting point for informed conversations about progress in artificial intelligence. The report aggregates a diverse set of metrics, and makes the underlying data easily accessible to the general public. The AI Index Report is broken into 4 large sections:

Volume of Activity

The Volume of Activity metrics capture the "how much" aspects of the field, like attendance at AI conferences and VC investments into startups developing AI systems.

Technical Performance

The Technical Performance metrics capture the "how good" aspects; for example, how well computers can understand images and prove mathematical theorems.

Derivative Measures

We investigate the relationship between trends. We also introduce an exploratory measure, the AI Vibrancy Index, that combines trends across academia and industry to quantify the liveliness of AI as a field.

Towards Human Peformance

We outline a short list of notable areas where AI systems have made significant progress towards matching or exceeding human performance. We also discuss the difficulties of such comparisons.


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