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HAI's Commitment to Professional Development

In STEM fields, participation of underrepresented minorities and especially Black people is still dramatically low in the tech industry and in academia. The common claim that there is an intractable “pipeline” problem is a wholly insufficient response. 

We commit to:

  • Helping recruit and retain significantly more Black students to the undergraduate and graduate programs associated with HAI; that includes working with and supporting department recruiting efforts at HBCUs and other schools where BIPOC students are matriculating as well as offering application advising support when appropriate.

  • Actively transforming an institutional culture that is frequently experienced as inhospitable and sometimes actively hostile to Black students and their research interests by drawing on the best practices and resources mentioned above.

  • Exploring ways to collaborate with successful diversity-oriented Stanford college onboarding programs such as Stanford Summer Engineering Academy (SSEA), First-Generation/Low-Income (FLI), and Leland Scholars Program (LSP), as well as promising pilots such as Stanford Summer Session with the Urban Studies Program that can be coordinated with the Haas Center for Public Service and Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies.

  • Helping students stay in the field, which involves engaging the Centers for Equity, Community and Leadership, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, and the Vice Provost of Graduate Education’s Diversifying Academia Recruiting Excellence (DARE Doctoral Fellowship), Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE Doctoral Fellowship), Stanford Graduate Fellowship and Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship, to enhance support for both undergraduate and graduate students of color, especially Black students. This support will also extend beyond funding to a sense of belonging and professional connection, working with relevant student groups and professional organizations.

  • Facilitating structured internship and employment networks and opportunities for alumni and professional mentorships, as well as career placement advising and efforts that go beyond BEAM.


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