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HAI's Commitment to Research and Funding

Funding expresses priorities informed by values. Our funded research to date includes a range of work on fairness, equity, and bias in AI technologies.

We commit to:

  • Renew support for two postdoctoral fellows per year who work on Ethics & AI, in conjunction with the Center for Ethics in Society.

  • Renew funding for the Center for Comparative Studies in Race & Ethnicity’s (CCSRE) Race & Technology Fellows​ program for another year, as well as commit substantial support for CCSRE’s new Race & Technology Action Lab, which proposes to combine research, teaching, and practice in the humanities and social sciences to advance racial equity in the analysis, production, and deployment of new technologies. 

  • Fund a new annual HAI visiting artist program specifically focused on artists and creatives who have historically been underrepresented, and work that directly relates AI to issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, civil rights, empathy, and accessibility, or otherwise speaks to the larger questions related to what it means to be “human.”

  • Actively encourage, document, and track applications (whether funded or not, and if not, why) for HAI research projects and other scholarly efforts directly related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, in addition to research and projects already funded through our regular mechanisms to those ends.


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