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Corporate Affiliate Program

As a multidisciplinary institute focused on responsibly guiding the future of artificial intelligence, Stanford HAI deeply values engagement with companies interested in AI research, policy and practice. The HAI Corporate Affiliate Program provides the opportunity for these companies to interact with Stanford faculty and students, as well as other corporate members, coordinated by HAI’s dedicated corporate membership team. Relationships between companies, faculty, and graduate students provide all constituents with valuable insights on opportunities, problems, and solutions at the intersections of AI research, policy and education with industry.

Membership of the HAI Corporate Affiliate Program will include access to a program area. The inaugural program area of the program is Financial Services and AI.

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Each of the member companies contributes $1M annually for its participation in the Affiliate Program and can select to engage with one program area. Please note that the Stanford HAI Corporate Affiliate Program is governed by the Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliate Program Memberships.



  • $400K HAI Wallet which can be used towards:
    • Research Tokens: Members may choose to use Research Tokens ($85K each) to support a particular area of program research, or the program research of a named faculty member or lab. All research results arising from the use of the Research Tokens will be shared with all program members and the general public.
    • Other Stanford Affiliate Programs: Membership in mission-relevant affiliate programs across Stanford
  • Membership in the Stanford Digital Economy Lab (S-DEL) affiliate program
  • Membership in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) affiliate program, including 1 additional, SAIL specific research token (inaugural year only)
  • One complimentary seat in each of HAI’s Executive Education Programs
  • Opportunity to send two Visiting Scholars to Stanford
  • Policy: Opportunities to engage with and learn more about the constantly evolving AI policy landscape through our HAI Policy team
  • Focus area engagement, which brings together multiple faculty members who are interested in related research topics. For the Financial Services Program Area, indicative topics and faculty leads are listed below.

Plus additional, cross-cutting benefits including but not limited to:​​​​​​

  • Executive Breakfast Series
  • Semi-annual Member Meetings
  • Early access to and engagement with the HAI Industry Briefs
  • Annual Presentations of research by HAI-affiliated faculty and students
  • Conferences, seminars, and workshop
  • Acknowledgement at HAI’s major public events

Focus Areas & Participating Faculty - Financial Services & AI

AI-Augmented Decision Making in Financial Services

AI Governance and Regulation in Financial Services

Design and Regulation of
Financial Markets

AI-Augmented Communication in Financial Services

VR/AR Training for Consumers and Banks

Social Impact and Financial Services

Optimization in Financial Services

Digital Economy

AI Safety

AI in Investment, Lending and Trading

AI in Risk Management
and Insurance

Cybersecurity & Digital Risk Management in Financial Services

Graph Machine Learning in Financial Services

AI Fairness and Explainability

Blockchains and Decentralized Systems

Current Members

Members of the HAI Corporate Affiliate Program will be listed here.

Giving & Research Policies

The Corporate Affiliate Program will use and develop open-source software. It is the intention of the Corporate Affiliate Program that any software released will be under an open-source model. Where there are site visits, the site presentations and all information, data and results arising from such visitation interactions will be shared with all members and the public. For more information and guidelines on conducting research at Stanford, please see the Research Policy Handbook.

Stanford HAI strictly adheres to  Stanford University’s commitment to openness in research. Learn more about Stanford's policy on conduct of research.

In addition, please reference our statements on HAI’s commitment to independence, and to transparency around our values and our fundraising policy


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For more information, please contact Panos Madamopoulos, Managing Director of Industry Programs and Partnerships, Stanford HAI.