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The Digital Economy Lab

The Digital Economy Lab brings together an unprecedented group of researchers and experts to examine how digital technologies are transforming work, organizations, and the economy.

The Lab is an integral component of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI), serving as its primary hub for conducting research related to the economic implications of technology. The Lab is also sponsored by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. 

The Lab is directed by Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, whose research focuses on the economic implications of digital technologies and AI. He is the co-author of nine books, including The Second Machine Age, and has written more than 100 academic articles. Brynjolfsson joined Stanford in July 2020 following more than 25 years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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The Digital Economy Lab Research

The Lab’s research leverages the expertise and insights of Stanford faculty, researchers, and students, as well as from leading experts on AI and the digital economy from all over the world. We produce insights that help companies, policymakers, students, and professionals rise to the challenges and opportunities created by an era of profound digitization.

Digital Business Models

Our researchers analyze the ways that companies are doing business via digital and intelligent technologies—and the impact these advancements have on the economy and society.

AI & the Future of Work

What will the future of work look like? The Lab’s research seeks to understand the evolution of the global workforce in a rapidly changing digital economy.

Data-Driven Decision Making and Management Practices

Our researchers measure, assess, and predict how data-driven decision-making and management practices will impact the global economy and workforce.

Economic and Productivity Impacts of COVID-19

The Lab examines how businesses and workers are adapting to measures, such as lockdowns and remote working, brought on by the pandemic.

Measuring the Digital Economy

Our team of researchers explores and develops better methods and models to measure the health of an increasingly digital-centric economy.

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The Digital Economy Lab is a catalyst for new ideas, experiments, and collaborations. Our mission inspires academics, business leaders, practitioners, and policymakers to conduct research and generate insights that will inform and educate a diverse community of stakeholders. Our work is made possible by foundations, corporations, and individuals who share our passion for data-driven economic analysis and actionable insights.

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