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Ethics and Artificial Intelligence

Ethics and AI
Stanford HAI

Guiding & Building the Future of AI

Stanford HAI's mission is to advance AI research, education, policy and practice to improve the human condition. One main focus area is to consider the societal implications of these technologies. Below find recent research and discussions on the impact and ethics of artificial intelligence.

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Policy Brief July 2021

Domain Shift & Emerging Questions in Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technologies have grown in sophistication and adoption throughout American society. Significant anxieties around the technology have emerged—including privacy concerns, worries about surveillance in both public and private settings, and the perpetuation of racial bias.

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Policy Brief

Toward Fairness in Health Care Training Data

With recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), researchers can now train sophisticated computer algorithms to interpret medical images – often with accuracy comparable to trained physicians. Yet our recent survey of medical research shows that these algorithms rely on datasets that lack population diversity and could introduce bias into the understanding of a patient’s health condition.

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