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Past Events

COVID-19 + AI: The Road Ahead conference recording and resources

This live virtual event focused on how we come out of the health crisis, economically, socially, and medically.

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COVID-19 and AI: A Virtual Conference
The speakers and topics engaged the broad research community, government and international organizations and civil society, uniting a global community toward solutions to benefit all of humanity.
9AM - 4PM
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HAI Weekly Seminar with Marietje Schaake
Marietje Schaake is an International Policy Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) and the International Policy Director of the Cyber Policy Center, where she conducts policy-relevant research focused on cyber policy recommendations for industry and government.
11AM - 12PM

2019 Fall Conference

2019 HAI Symposium


The mission of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) is to advance AI research, education, policy and practice to improve the human condition. With this in mind, we are inviting the HAI community to “self-organize” small workshops to explore research themes in areas related to various aspects of human-centered AI. Our goal is to foster more interdisciplinary collaborations across campus and identify important research questions that advance HAI’s broad mission.

The faculty leader(s) are responsible for defining the workshop topic and inviting a suggestion of approximately 20 faculty and researchers to attend. If desired, HAI may provide nominal staff support and funding. The workshops themselves should require minimal preparation, as they are brainstorming sessions whose aim is to surface the major research questions and issues in the chosen area.

If you are a Stanford faculty member and interested in leading a workshop, please complete our workshop application. We will read and respond to your proposal expeditiously after submission. If you have questions, please contact HAI Events Manager, Celia Clark, at

Submit a workshop application