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Past Events

2019 Fall Conference

2019 HAI Symposium

COVID-19 and AI: A Virtual Conference

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Facial Recognition Technology, Measurement & Regulation Workshop
The workshop convened leading academics, computer vision experts, and representatives from civil society, government, and industry to discuss critical questions and develop a whitepaper that makes recommendations related to assessing the performance of facial recognition technology. Core questions included: What needs to be improved about how we benchmark...
8:30AM - 2:30PM
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AI and Labor Markets Roundtable
HAI Faculty Associate Director Susan Athey and new incoming HAI senior fellow Erik Brynjolfsson are inviting researchers working on AI and labor markets across the Stanford community to come together in a virtual event on May 18th, to present and discuss ongoing research and build ties for future collaborations.
11AM - 1PM
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HAI Weekly Seminar with Kate Vredenburgh - Against Rationale Explanations
Watch Video Abstract: In this talk, I will argue against one popular socio-technical solution to the problem of opacity: rationale explanations. Such explanations are taken to achieve many important political values enabled by explanations, such as trust, recourse, respect, and accountability, as well as to enable decision-makers to comply with GDPR....
11AM - 12PM
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HAI Virtual Community - The Impact of Robots on Staffing in Nursing Homes
Watch Video Abstract: Most studies of automation focus on manufacturing or use aggregate data. In one of the first studies of the service sector using establishment-level data, we examine the impact of robot adoption on staffing in nursing homes. This setting is important, because robots are increasingly being adopted in many countries to address the...
4PM - 5PM