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Past Events

2019 Fall Conference

2019 HAI Symposium

COVID-19 and AI: A Virtual Conference

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HAI Weekly Seminar with Ron Chrisley - Against Ethical Robots
Watch Video Presentation Slides Abstract: In this talk I hope to illustrate how AI ethics can avoid the undesirable extremes of two dimensions: First dimension: Complacency vs Inflation On the one hand, I will argue that we should eschew the complacent view that AI presents no novel challenges for ethics, the view that AI is just a technology...
11AM - 12PM
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HAI Weekly Seminar with Emanuel Moss and Jacob Metcalf - Owning Ethics: Organizational Responsibility and the Institutionalization of Ethics in Silicon Valley
Watch Video Abstract: Over the past few years, a series of crises and scandals have resulted in pushback against some of the biggest tech companies from employees within their ranks and from a broader public. This pushback has highlighted a deep concern with the ethical implications of data-driven technologies that have been implicated in anti-democratic...
11AM - 12PM