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Explainers and Issue Briefs

HAI’s explainers and issues briefs take AI/ML relevant legislation or other legal documents and highlight key points so anyone can efficiently find the information needed to make effective decisions.

Summary of AI Provisions from the National Defense Authorization Act 2021Policy Resources

Numerous provisions of consequence related to artificial intelligence (AI) were included in the final conference report of the NDAA. Here, we summarize the AI aspects of the 4,517 page bill so you don’t have to. This explainer provides a step-by-step rundown of every provision in the final conference report that speaks to AI.

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Evaluating Facial Recognition Technology: A Protocol for Performance Assessment in New DomainsPolicy Resources

Facial recognition technology has proliferated throughout society – today it helps us unlock smartphones, access our bank accounts, and receive targeted advertising. FRT is also used in high-stakes situations where the output of the software can lead to substantial effects on a person’s life. This has led to a loud call to understand and regulate the technology. We support the call for rigorous reflection of its use and its accuracy. In this white paper, we look to provide a common understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the technology in order to properly assess its risks and benefits.

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Election 2020 Issue BriefsPolicy Resources

In this issue brief series, HAI associate director Rob Reich and HAI fellow Marietje Schaake examine how technology will impact public debate, affect the electoral process, and may even determine the election outcome.

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Recovering & Readying Our Economy for the FuturePolicy Resources

Susan Athey’s Written Testimony to House Budget Committee Hearing on Machines, Artificial Intelligence, & the Workforce.

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Input on the European Commission White Paper “On Artificial Intelligence – A European approach to excellence and trust”Policy Resources

White Paper by “Wonks and Techies,” a multi-disciplinary group at Stanford University, cooperating on international technology and policy issues, led by Ms. Marietje Schaake.

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