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HAI-AI Index Workshop on Measurement in AI Policy: Opportunities and Challenges

October 30, 2019

This one-day, invitation-only workshop hosted by The AI Index Program at the Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) Institute at Stanford University, provides a forum for participants to shape measurement in AI policy. AI Index data partners, HAI-AI Index experts, policymakers, representatives from multilateral institutions, the interdisciplinary research community, and others are invited for collaboration and expanding the impact of the workshop. 

The Workshop on the Measurement in AI Policy: Opportunities and Challenges will address the following three topics:

1.    Research and Development (including Technical Performance)

2.    Economic Impact and Societal Considerations for Policy Decisions

3.    AI for Sustainable Development and Human Rights: Inclusion, Diversity, Human Dignity

These topics are described in separate white papers prepared jointly by the organizers. The breakout sessions will produce reports summarizing results. Almost 100 experts are expected to participate.