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Other Radical Proposals for Consideration

We received nearly 100 proposals in response to our public call last spring. While we only have room to feature four proposals at our Conference, we are thrilled to see so much energy for making our society better and grateful to everyone who took the time to submit. In addition to the four we’ve selected to feature, we'd like to highlight six more. We encourage you to read through these proposals, and we hope they stimulate more “outside-of-the-box” ideas and policy innovations.

Better AI Data Rights

Marshall Van Alstyne, Geoffrey Parker, Georgios Petropoulos, Bertin Martens

Public AI Training Data

Abhilash Mishra and Bhasi Nair

“In-Flight Transponder” Code

Pamela Jasper

A Pareto-improving UBI For Global Automation

Victor Ye, Seth Benzell

Shared Prosperity Targets for the AI Industry

Katya Klinova, Stephanie Bell

Specific AI regulation for voice systems

Christopher Potts