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Jeannette Bohg

Jeannette Bogh

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

Professor for Robotics and part of the Stanford AI lab within the Computer Science Department of Stanford University. Bohg is also directing the Interactive Perception and Robot Learning Lab, and enjoys research at the intersection of Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision. 

Previously, Bohg was a group leader at the Autonomous Motion Department (AMD) of the MPI for Intelligent Systems. Bohg favourite robot will always be Apollo. Before joining the MPI in 2012, Bohg did her PhD at the Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning (RPL) at KTH in Stockholm. In Bohg’s thesis, she proposed novel methods towards multi-modal scene understanding for robotic grasping. Bohg did her undergrad in Computer Science at the Technical University in Dresden. Bohg also studied Art and Technology at Chalmers in Gothenburg. Bohg research explores two questions: What are the underlying principles of robust sensorimotor coordination in humans, and how we can implement them on robots? Bohg generous guess is that we will need a few more years to find out. We will keep searching. Bohg hopes that some day, these robots will finally step out of the lab and become truly useful to people in the real world.