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White Paper

May 2022

Enhancing International Cooperation in AI Research: The Case for a Multilateral AI Research Institute

White Paper 2022Developing responsible, human-centered artificial intelligence (AI) is a complex and resource-intensive task. As governments around the world race to meet the opportunities and challenges of developing AI, there remains an absence of deep, technical international cooperation that allows like-minded countries to leverage one another’s resources and competitive advantages to facilitate cutting-edge AI research in a manner that upholds and promotes democratic values. Establishing a Multilateral AI Research Institute (MAIRI) would provide such a venue for force-multiplying AI research and development collaboration. It would also reinforce the United States’ leadership as an international hub for basic and applied AI research, the development of AI governance models, and the fostering of AI norms that align with human-centric and democratic values.

In its final report published in March 2021, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) recommended that the United States work closely with key allies and partners to establish a MAIRI and called for congressional authorization and funding to allow the National Science Foundation (NSF) to lead the effort. Built upon these recommendations, this white paper outlines a blueprint for an AI research institute that can champion human-centered approaches to conducting AI research, promote multi-stakeholder international R&D cooperation to unleash innovation and economic prosperity, and cultivate AI talent. MAIRI can demonstrate to the world that AI-enabled technologies can benefit humanity, strengthen democracy, and support inclusive economic growth.


Daniel Zhang - Stanford University
Christie Lawrence - Stanford University
Michael Sellitto - Stanford University
Russell C. Wald - Stanford University
Marietje Schaake - Stanford University
Daniel E. Ho - Stanford University
Russ Altman - Stanford University
Andrew Grotto - Stanford University

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