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Introducing The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to help us realize our shared dream of a better future for all of humanity, but it will bring with it challenges and opportunities we can’t yet foresee.

At Stanford HAI, our vision for the future is led by our commitment to studying, guiding and developing human-centered AI technologies and applications. We believe AI should be collaborative, augmentative, and enhancing to human productivity and quality of life.

Our Mission: To advance AI research, education, policy, and practice to improve the human condition.

Stanford HAI leverages the university’s strength across all disciplines, including: business, economics, education, genomics, law, literature, medicine, neuroscience, philosophy and more. These complement Stanford's tradition of leadership in AI, computer science, engineering and robotics.

Our goal is for Stanford HAI to become an interdisciplinary, global hub for AI thinkers, learners, researchers, developers, builders and users from academia, government and industry, as well as leaders and policymakers who want to understand and leverage AI’s impact and potential.

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Areas of Focus

Human Impact Photo 1744

Human Impact

Study and forecast the human and societal impact of AI.
Augment Human Capabilities 0746

Augment Human Capabilities

Design AI applications that augment human capabilities.
Intelligence 0381


Developing AI technologies inspired by the versatility and depth of human intelligence.

News & Insights

March 18, 2019
Stanford’s new Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence aims to fundamentally change the field of AI by integrating a wide range of disciplines and prioritizing true diversity of thought.
March 16, 2019
A common question from students and faculty is how get involved in building HAI.

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