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AI and Human Rights Symposium

Date and Time
May 04, 2019 - 12:00am–04:00pm
The Stanford Artificial Intelligence & Law Society (SAILS) AI and Human Rights Symposium is a one-day conference bringing together academic, practice and industry leaders. The focus of the symposium will be broad, exploring current and future impacts of technological change on human rights with an emphasis on the ethical dimensions of disruptive technologies. Participants will discuss discrimination and bias in algorithms, freedom of expression, autonomous weapons and AI personhood, among other topics. Participants from all academic and professional backgrounds are welcome, since the primary goal of the symposium is to appreciate the vast scope of human rights implications of AI, understand differing perspectives across sectors and disciplines, and identify opportunities for further research and collaboration.
The rapid growth and development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across sectors presents unprecedented opportunities and challenges, many of which we are only beginning to appreciate. These developments almost universally implicate human rights, yet the impact of AI on human rights is even less understood than AI capabilities themselves.
Panels include experts from Civil Society, Industry and Academia, including HRW, ACLU, Amnesty International, Facebook, Google, BSR and more.
This event is co-sponsored by the student-led Stanford Artificial Intelligence & Law Society and the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.
This is a free event, but registration is required. To register, please click here.