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External Audiences

Focusing on the societal impact of AI technologies and the opportunities to share expertise through global connections.


Focusing on AI technologies across industries and their business implications within the enterprise.

Executive Education program applications are open now. Stanford faculty offer courses for senior executives and key decision-makers. 

PolicymakersGovernment & Policymakers

Convening with government leaders to address the opportunities and societal impacts of AI technologies.

non-profitsCivil Society and Non-Profits

Exploring the unique opportunities and challenges that AI presents in civil society, philanthropy, and non-profits.


Educating K-12 leadership, teachers, and K-12 students in AI at Stanford for the twenty-first century and beyond.

AI4ALL at Stanford applications are now open. Summer program for current 9th graders aimed to increase diversity in the field of AI. Learn more

higher educationHigher Education

Making global connections for faculty, students, and researchers outside of Stanford, as well as visiting opportunities on campus.

general publicGeneral Public

Sharing expertise about AI and related technologies to drive public discourse and understanding concerning AI in the world around us.


Highlighting the cutting edge of AI research, technologies, and their implications through public and professional conferences.

Education for External Audiences

HAI Executive Education

Applications Now Open: 2022 Executive Education Programs 

GSB Executive Education

Harnessing AI for Breakthrough Innovation and Strategic Impact


Visions of the Future: Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, the Metaverse, and Beyond
Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Outreach Programs

Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging

Education Resources

Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate


Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate


AI in Healthcare Professional Certificate


AI + Health On Demand

Advancing the Practice + Science of Medicine

AI + Health On Demand

Cross Cutting Issues + Closing the Al Chasm

CS 229

Machine Learning

Charikar; Ma ; Re

CS 231N

Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition

Krishna; Li; Xu

CS 230

Deep Learning

Katanforoosh; Ng

CS 547

Human Computer Interaction Seminar


CSLI Summer Internship

Interdisciplinary Training in Cognitive Science and AI Research


ICME Summer Workshops 2021

Fundamentals of Data Science

Public Events

Stanford Digital Economy Lab

Public Events

If you would like to submit a course to be featured, please email