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HAI Policy Resources

Toward Fairness in Health Care Training Data
With advances in AI, researchers can now train computer algorithms to interpret medical images – often with accuracy comparable to physicians. Yet a survey of medical research shows that these algorithms rely on datasets that lack population diversity and could introduce bias into the understanding of a patient’s health condition.
Policy Brief     Oct 2020

AI’s Promise and Peril for the U.S. Government
While the use of AI spans the breadth of the U.S. federal government, government AI remains uneven at best, and problematic and perhaps dangerous at worst.
Policy Brief     Sep 2020

Brief Definitions of Key Terms in AI
Reference Guide      Sep 2020

Recovering & Readying Our Economy for the Future
Susan Athey’s Written Testimony to House Budget Committee Hearing on Machines, Artificial Intelligence, & the Workforce. Video
Testimony       Sep 2020

Input on the European Commission White Paper “On Artificial Intelligence – A European approach to excellence and trust”
White Paper by “Wonks and Techies,” a multi-disciplinary group at Stanford University, cooperating on international technology and policy issues, led by Ms. Marietje Schaake.
Paper              June 2020

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