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The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI is pleased to share that SCB X Public Company Limited (SCBX), a financial technology group, has joined as a member of the Financial Services & AI Corporate Affiliate Program

The program is geared specifically to the financial sector, offering cutting-edge research and educational programming in areas including foundation models, AI safety, fintech, blockchain, sustainability, and insurance, as well as visiting scholar opportunities.

“We are excited to have SCBX join our affiliate program,” says Stanford HAI Vice Director and Director of Research James Landay. “Artificial intelligence will radically change the banking industry, and we need more conversations between academic and industry experts to ensure this technology is designed, built, and implemented with a human-centered approach.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with the globally recognized educational institution Stanford HAI, renowned for its profound research expertise in the field of technology,” said Dr. Arak Sutivong, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SCB X Public Company Limited (SCBX). “This collaboration supports the ‘mothership’ strategy of SCBX and aligns with overall plan to move from being a consumer of mature technologies for the banking industry to being part of developing innovative technologies and transitioning into a real tech company.”

“This collaboration with Stanford HAI will enable us to experiment with new technologies and advance our technological capabilities, particularly in areas of interest such as blockchain, AI, and climate technology,” said Dennis Thorsten Trawnitschek, Chief Technology Officer at SCBX.

“One of the main goals of the Industry program is to help organizations bridge the gap between the rapid pace of AI research and development and the speed at which this technology can be effectively adopted and implemented,” said Stanford HAI Managing Director for Industry Programs and Partnerships Panos Madamopoulos-Moraris. “This can be more challenging in legacy industries, in particular organizations outside the U.S., so we are very excited to welcome SCBX as our first international member.”

The HAI Corporate Affiliate Program provides the opportunity for member companies to interact with Stanford faculty and students, as well as other corporate members, coordinated by HAI’s dedicated corporate membership team. Relationships between companies, faculty, and graduate students provide all constituents with valuable insights on opportunities, problems, and solutions at the intersections of AI research, policy, and education with industry. 

Learn more about our corporate programs.