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Yvonne Maldonado

Yvonne headshot photo

Dr. Maldonado is a pediatrician who has been involved in HIV since the start of the epidemic and is also an expert on vaccines. Dr. Maldonado is the principle investigator on all of the projects on the Maldonado Epi Group, and is involved in several other global health efforts, including work with polio and measles vaccines.

The research Dr. Maldonado has conducted has been focused on epidemiologic aspects of viral vaccine development and prevention of perinatal HIV transmission. A major project has been to identify the molecular epidemiology of factors affecting the immunogenicity of oral polio vaccine (OPV) among children living in developing areas of the world, where OPV immunogenicity is poor. Dr. Maldonando's group has identified several factors which affect the poor immunogenicity of OPV and will conduct clinical studies to attempt to improve immunogenicity. The group works on ways to understand the transmission and circulation of polio vaccine derived viruses, which may cause polio, and how to use this information in global eradication of polio. Dr. Maldonado also works on perinatal HIV infection, including strategies to prevent breastfeeding transmission in developing settings as well as understanding how to maximize prevention strategies among pregnant women in developed countries.