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HAI Student Affinity Groups

Are you a Stanford student interested in creating meaningful interdisciplinary connections within the Stanford community? Do you have ideas on advancing AI to improve the human condition?

If so, you’re invited to apply to have HAI sponsor your affinity group. HAI Student Affinity Groups are small interdisciplinary teams of students (Stanford undergraduates, graduates, and postdocs) who have a shared interest in a topic related to the development or study of human-centered AI. Affinity Groups provide a space for students to share ideas, develop intellectually and strengthen the community of future leaders dedicated to building AI that benefits all of humanity.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Identify a topic of focus and gather an interdisciplinary group of students who share interest in that topic. If you have a topic idea but are looking for others to join your group, fill out this Interest Form. Responses can be found here.
  2. Identify two students from different disciplines to serve as the leads.
  3. Identify a faculty mentor; no formal time commitment is required of faculty. If you need support in reaching out to faculty, please contact HAI Research Associate Christine Raval.
  4. Submit the application form detailing the goals for your group and steps you’ll take to achieve those objectives.

Apply now

Benefits of Joining HAI Student Affinity Groups

  • Funding of up to $500 per quarter to spend on small quarterly or biweekly gatherings, such as: workshopping lunches, student-hosted speakers, book discussions or discussion series.
  • Space (physical and intellectual) to share knowledge across disciplines and create collaborations.
  • Access to a community of researchers, faculty, and staff committed to promoting human-centered uses of AI, and ensuring that humanity benefits from the technology and that the benefits are broadly shared.
  • Inside scoop on HAI events, research, publications, and volunteer opportunities.


  • Applications are due November 11, 2022.
  • Student Affinity Groups will be announced in mid-December and will run during the winter and spring quarters.
  • Each group must have students from two or more disciplines.
  • Each group must have one faculty mentor; no formal time commitment is required of faculty.
  • At the end of the Spring quarter, groups must submit a report summarizing the outcomes. If members elect to continue, they must provide the names of the student leads and goals for the upcoming term.


  • How can funds be used? Possible expenses include food expenses, creating marketing materials, or to purchase other materials needed for the program (books, software, printing, etc).
  • Can people join mid-program? Yes, new members can join at any point during winter or spring quarter.
  • Is more funding available if larger project ideas are developed through the affinity groups? Promising research ideas that develop through the affinity group could make a great proposal for the HAI seed grant program.

Contact Us

For more information, contact HAI Research Associate Christine Raval.