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The Value of Data & AI: Strategies for Leadership

Stanford HAI


Today’s most valuable companies and innovative startups are increasingly driven by data and artificial intelligence (AI). Understanding the value of data and AI is not only a critical differentiator for firms in today’s economy, but has profound implications across a number of core business functions and strategic activities-- in pricing, valuation, ESG and CSR, services, mergers and acquisitions, investment, and much more. Additionally, the emergence of new public data markets makes clear that billions of dollars and the financial success of many firms will be determined by their ability to price and value data and AI successfully.

In this executive program, Stanford faculty take senior executives and key decision-makers through the emerging business strategies and research around the economics of data and AI. Participants explore the latest developments, challenges and solutions in data and AI valuation, the key technologies and platforms in play, questions around data markets, treating AI as a service, value of incremental algorithmic innovations, as well as the implications of regulatory, privacy and fairness considerations of these new platforms.

No technical AI or computing skills are required for this executive program.

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Key Benefits

Gain critical knowledge that will help you and your organization make better strategic and financial decisions around data and AI, and successfully navigate this rapidly changing landscape.

  •  Learn about different business models and approaches to valuing data and AI.
  • Improve your ability to lead strategic conversations around data and AI.
  • Gain a better understanding of how environmental considerations (risk, fairness, regulation) impact strategic financial considerations.
  • Improve your ability to successfully manage emerging trends in data markets, valuation, and pricing.
  • Drive innovation and cultural change around the economics of data and AI.   

Who Should Attend

Senior Leadership and Decision-Makers who are in a position to make impact in their organizations. You drive core business, finance, and strategic decisions and need to understand the rapidly evolving landscape around data and AI in these areas-- in a short course format.

  • Senior executives and board members-- from any size company or industry.
  • Key decision-makers and executives seeking a better understanding of the financial implications of data and AI for their corporate strategy or financial leadership.
  • Policymakers and regulators needing to understand key financial and regulatory considerations around the financial implications of data and AI markets and valuation strategy. 
  • Example titles and functions: chief financial officer, chief strategy officer, chief executive officer, board member/ director, chief technology or chief information officer, VP, finance, purchasing/ acquisition, sales, valuation, mergers and acquisition, investment, strategy.

No technical AI or computing skills are required for this executive program.

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James  Zou

Faculty Director

James Zou: Dr. James Zou is the Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science and, by Courtesy, of Computer Science and of Electrical Engineering. He developed the popular “The Value of Data and AI” course at Stanford University with Dr. Stephen Eglash and Dr. Matei Zaharia, and is Faculty Director for the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI (HAI) Executive Education course of the same title.

                            2020 Faculty


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No technical AI or computing skills are required for this executive program.
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