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Past Events

2019 Fall Conference

2019 HAI Symposium

COVID-19 and AI: A Virtual Conference

HAI image
AI and International Security
A one-day interdisciplinary workshop involving Stanford faculty and researchers, a select number of outside academics from other institutions, and a small number of private sector and governmental analysts to focus on the intersection of A.I. and various aspects of international security. The goal IS to identify concrete research agendas and synergies,...
9AM - 12PM
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AI for Good Seminar Series: AI for Human Rights
As a team of scientists working as statisticians for human rights, the Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG) partners with human rights advocacy organizations to identify questions that can be answered and arguments that can be strengthened using data science.
4:30PM - 4:30PM
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HAI Weekly Seminar with Garance Burke - Steering Journalism Towards Data Science
Algorithmic tools are transforming our daily lives, but journalism is still playing catch up. As in other times of global transition, news consumers are anxious that artificial intelligence will overtake human abilities and question whether these systems will take our jobs, amplify racial bias or expose our privacy. As one of few technically trained data...
11AM - 12PM