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Brandon Hill


HAI Entrepreneur Evangelist

Brandon is an HAI Entrepreneur Evangelist.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford in 2016. There he served as the ASSU Vice President for all graduate and undergraduate students. Currently, Brandon is an engineer, UX designer, and CEO of Vori which is a venture-backed startup applying machine learning to optimize the grocery supply chain. During and since his time at Stanford, Brandon has been focused on the nexus of technology and social issues. He had the opportunity to work for both YouTube and the White House where helped launch internal tools and saw firsthand the way that viral media can shape and empower grassroots movements. Frustrated with the rancor of our national political discourse, he co-founded Greo which was a Y Combinator-backed social media platform for authentic discussion about current events. And in 2014 he co-founded a coding school called Enza Academy, which was funded by Microsoft and VMware and provided a free computer science curriculum to low income high school students. Brandon’s vision is to leverage AI to expand opportunity and freedom for the world’s most vulnerable communities.