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Chris Re

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Associate Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

Christopher (Chris) Re is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. He is in the Stanford AI Lab and is affiliated with the Statistical Machine Learning Group. His recent work is to understand how software and hardware systems will change as a result of machine learning along with a continuing, petulant drive to work on math problems. Research from his group has been incorporated into scientific and humanitarian efforts, such as the fight against human trafficking, along with widely used products from technology and enterprise companies including Google Ads, GMail, YouTube, and Apple.

He has cofounded four companies based on his research into machine learning systems, SambaNova and Snorkel, along with two companies that are now part of Apple, Lattice (DeepDive) in 2017 and Inductiv (HoloClean) in 2020. His research contributions have spanned database theory, database systems, and machine learning. His work has won best paper or test-of-time awards at the premier venues in each area. He still can't believe he won the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship.