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HAI Weekly Seminar with Vael Gates

Researcher Perceptions of Current and Future AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enormous potential for both positive and negative impact, especially as we move from current-day systems towards more capable systems in the future. However, as a society we lack an understanding of how the developers of this technology, AI researchers, perceive the benefits and risks of their work, both in today's systems and impacts in the future. In this talk, Gates will present results from over 70 interviews with AI researchers, asking questions ranging from "What do you think are the largest benefits and risks of AI?" to "If you could change your colleagues’ perception of AI, what attitudes/beliefs would you want them to have?"


Vael Gates

Vael Gates

HAI-CISAC Postdoctoral Fellow

Vael received their Ph.D. in Neuroscience (Computational Cognitive Science) from UC Berkeley in 2021. During their Ph.D. they worked on formalizing and testing computational cognitive models of social collaboration. Their Ph.D.