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Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI), an organization dedicated to guiding and building the future of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies, today announced that McKinsey & Co. has joined as a member of the Corporate Affiliate Program. The collaboration is being driven by McKinsey’s Technology Council and QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey.

In this relationship, Stanford HAI researchers will connect with the company’s global client ecosystem on topics such as key advances in AI and machine learning, AI and sustainability, the metaverse, and the digital economy and future of work, and more. As a corporate affiliate, McKinsey will be able to bring business executives to Stanford HAI through a new platform of “Go & Learns,” where they will engage with researchers on significant technology trends, including how AI is reshaping global business.

“Companies around the world are racing to leverage artificial intelligence,” said Fei-Fei Li, co-director, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI and Sequoia Professor of Computer Science. “We are grateful to corporate affiliates like McKinsey for collaborating in ways that help to advance AI research and practice to improve the lives of humans.”

“We’re thrilled for McKinsey to join Stanford HAI’s corporate program to bring our clients to Stanford’s campus where they can be inspired by the art of the possible and work with McKinsey to stand new ideas up in their organizations,” said Lareina Yee, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company. “We are also excited to collaborate on investments that advance our collective understanding in areas such as Generative AI or the impact of new technologies on jobs and work.”

“We are committed to addressing our client appetite for continued learning and foresight,” said Ben Ellencweig, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company. “As technology changes at an unprecedented pace across AI, quantum computing and virtual reality, to name a few, this collaboration reinforces McKinsey’s commitment to help executives stay ahead and understand: ‘How can we create a distinct value?’ ‘How can I leapfrog for the benefit of my customers?’”

The HAI Corporate Affiliate Program provides the opportunity for member companies to interact with Stanford faculty and students, as well as other corporate members, coordinated by HAI’s dedicated corporate membership team. Relationships between companies, faculty, and graduate students provide all constituents with valuable insights on opportunities, problems, and solutions at the intersections of AI research, policy, and education with industry.

“We appreciate McKinsey joining the HAI corporate affiliate program to benefit from learning about the cutting-edge research here at Stanford, as Stanford HAI furthers its mission of defining and developing human-centered artificial intelligence,” said Panos Madamopoulos-Moraris, HAI Managing Director for Industry Programs and Partnerships. “We’re seeing a gap between AI research and development and its effective adoption within organizations. Helping companies bridge that gap is a core component of our industry programming."

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