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Stanford HAI Launches “Value of Data and AI” Course for Executives

The new program will help company leaders understand how to leverage their data and gain a competitive advantage.

Illustration of lines and colors suggested data, with the words "The value of data and AI: Strategies for Senior Leadership."

Today, AI is impacting business in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. But how do you get the most value out of these immensely valuable assets? 

“This classic business question is taking on heightened importance in both new and traditional business areas,” says John Robichaux, director of education for the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. Today, for example, billions of dollars swap hands in data markets that did not exist 18 months ago. Meanwhile, questions about how to value data and AI impact an increasing range of core business functions, including valuation, pricing, mergers and acquisition, risk calculation and cybersecurity, R&D, product development, tax exposure, and human resources, to name just a few. On top of all this, senior leaders must consider non-financial factors such as the environment and social impact, “places where data and AI are both on the front page and front of mind — in the boardroom, C-suite, and increasingly the public imagination.” 

“No senior leader today can afford to be asleep at the wheel regarding these urgent topics,” he says.  

To help these key decision-makers, Stanford HAI has launched an executive education course examining ways to maximize value from data and understand the new economics of data and AI. 

In this three-day online program, participants will hear the latest emerging strategies and research on data markets, explore techniques in data valuation, improve their ability to think strategically about data and AI, and learn about regulatory, privacy, and fairness issues.

“Understanding the value of your data is critical in today’s economy,” says James Zou, Stanford assistant professor of biomedical data science, who is co-teaching the course with Graduate School of Business professor Susan Athey and Stanford Digital Economy Lab faculty director Erik Brynjolfsson. “This program will help you optimize your AI tools, improve profits, and better position your company in the new data economy.” 

“Anyone involved in shaping their company’s digital strategy or leading financial decisions would benefit from this program,” says Robichaux. “If you need to understand the financial implications of data, you should attend.”

The program begins on March 29. Applications are due by March 22. Learn more about the program and apply here




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