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Anka Reuel

Anka Reuel

HAI Graduate Fellow

Anka Reuel is a CS Ph.D. Student at the Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory, advised by Prof. Mykel Kochenderfer. Her work focuses on operationalizing responsible AI (RAI). Anka's goal is to help organizations understand the complex RAI landscape and enable them to develop and deploy socially beneficial AI systems. Anka is further involved in AI governance efforts. Most recently, she worked jointly with members of the Center for the Governance of AI on design considerations for AI ethics boards to reduce risks from AI systems. She is also an advocate for more collaboration between the field of technical AI safety and AI governance and is a founding member of KIRA, an independent German think tank advocating for more collaboration in the field of responsible AI.

Anka is a Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. Previously, she was a Fellow at the German National Academic Foundation, the Hans-Weisser-Stiftung, and the German Academic Exchange Program, and has won multiple awards for her work, including UPenn's Outstanding Academic Award 2022 and the Top Talents Under 25 Award. Anka is a first-generation, low-income student and a careleaver. To date, she keeps advocating in various roles to improve the conditions and opportunities for both of these groups. In her spare time, she is an avid traveler: Anka has visited 52 countries and lived in ten of them. She is also a casual ultimate frisbee player and a hardstyle enthusiast. Anka is designing a comprehensive framework for organizations to assess their systems across technical and governance dimensions, including, e.g., fairness, auditability, and robustness. She is further involved in research on effective international AI governance models.

Department: Computer Science

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