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Hoffman-Yee Research Grants

The Hoffman-Yee Research Grants are designed to fund interdisciplinary teams with research spanning HAI’s key areas of focus: understanding the human and societal impact of AI, augmenting human capabilities, and developing AI technologies inspired by human intelligence. These grants are made possible by a gift from philanthropists Reid Hoffman and Michelle Yee.

Call for Proposals open until January 23, 2022

For the selection criteria and eligibility, see the Call for Proposals or view the complete list of inaugural grant recipients. For any questions related to grants, please email

In the News

The second round of funding since the inaugural AI research grants supporting
teams that leverage AI to focus on real-world problems in health care, education, and society.


hoffman-yee symposium
Stanford HAI

Hoffman-Yee Symposium

In September 2021, Stanford HAI held the Hoffman-Yee Symposium for inaugural recipients of Hoffman-Yee Research Grants to present their research results to date and plans for the future. 

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